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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kereta Volvo V40 2.0T untuk dijual

V40 2001 manufactured,2001 registered.
wagon/estate body

phase 2.0
5 speed auto

-all standard
-colour: light brown
-240 000 km
-regularly serviced by Volvo specialists,mostly in KL
-6 airbags
-original leather
-original sound system:6 speakers+1 subwoofer with 10 disc changer
-original 15 inch alloys with 205/55 Michelin Premacy LC (not original size tyres)

Bought second hand in 2008, with 90 000 km. (state kat meter panel-ori KM tak tau)
Serviced, replaced part whatever needed, new engine, sprayed a new colour(original colour is red maroon).

My comment
very good high speed stability,
very confortable seat,
good fuel consumption for high speed long distance,
excellent long distance car,
very good sound system,above average even for current generation continental car,

Car is in K.Terengganu. Also Can view in Dungun

Kereta dah buat major servis. almost 20K for this 2010 year
One VVIP owner

Harga : RM47k
(highly negoosssss)


  1. assalamualaikum...

    nak tanya sikit ni pasal volvo ni. nampaknya banyak dah dimodalkan. banyak masalah ke volvo ni?

  2. salam en.syafri,

    sebrg pertanyaan lanjut boleh diutarakan kepada pemiliknya, Hanafiah (0132202610). Mention jumpa iklan di laman ni. tq